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This project blog gives ACI the opportunity to proudly showcase the work we perform for our clients.

The City of Cape Coral Utilities Department contracted ACI through Santec to provide a series of consulting projects including FCC Licensing for two new unique 900 MHz SCADA radio systems, the radio propagation studies associated with these SCADA new networks and a multi band (6 and 11 GHz) microwave multi path Harris system.   ACI performed both computer modeled and in field real world studies.   Infield tests of microwave links are atypical, but when as critical to the project as this project, the choice was easy.  The data yielded some discrepancies between the computer modeled study and proved to be worth its weight in gold.  Custom crane to microwave dish brackets were fabricated for this study.  Photos below show an active path under test and real world radio signal amplitude were measured and documented for the study.  The cost of the entire water infrastructure upgrade exceeded $ 1 Billion.  This is a flagship project for ACI and was performed over the course of an entire year.

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Highlands Wireless Services (HWS) System Interference Troubleshoot,  HWS has a T-Band UHF LTR and Passport system in Miami Dade County.  The systems receivers were being negatively impacted by on channel interference.  ACI performed a troubleshoot and provided advise to manage the problem.
 Hewlet Packard Mark Lavallee  RF Interferance Troubleshooting Analysis

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